develops reliable, affordable and highly efficient micro-hydropower plants to deliver clean and decentralized energy to everyone. By mimicking nature, our plants have no impact on the local environment.                                                                                  Watch how  ⇒
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What’s our USP?  

fish-xxlEco-friendly money-bag-xxl
Cost-effective icon-blue_FamilyCommunityEasily accessible icon-chartFast ROI

Based on our thorough understanding of the dynamics of a vortex, we can significantly reduce the size of our turbines to about half the size of our competitors. Using less material leads to lower price, and smaller size reduces the civil work, which has even less impact on the ecosystem around our hydroelectric plant, besides its fish-friendly, no-flood and low-noise design.
A reduced need for infrastructure also means this technology can be accessible to more people, even in rather remote area. This is supported by a patented propeller and a specific software that we provide to the power plant and it can be implemented by anyone.
This is the main reason that our product is innovative: we have addressed the problem of energy security, and have brought renewable energy within everyone’s reach, with a payback period as short as 5 years.  

Where’s our market?


Europe is an important market for us with abundant existing infrastructure. For instance, at the old mills, sluice gates and other water sites, we can easily build Turbulent turbines.

There is also great potential in other parts of the world such as Latin America, Asia and Africa, due to the structural energy issues in these regions. In Chile, for example, there are still blackouts every day in some parts. We love to help accelerate the energy decentralization and bring electricity to the corners where people still suffer from power shortage. 

curved-quote本     What Turbulent does is exactly what I want to achieve with the Flemish innovation policy. They tackle a social issue like renewable energy from an international vision and work with a self-developed innovative product within a scalable business model.

Flanders has a good tradition and reputation when it comes to tackling social challenges via knowledge and resourcefulness. Turbulent’s hydro powerplant is a wonderful new addition to our list of outstanding cases. I am very proud that we have been able to support this.  curved-quote_副本

 Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation



 curved-quote本   It is our role to bring the sustainable energy innovation to the market, as well as innovators providing the backup and assistance they need to bring their concepts to the market.

Turbulent technology will cause a real revolution in terms of providing clean energy in remote parts of the world.  curved-quote_副本

Klaas Schuring, CEO of KIC InnoEnergy Benelux



house A private owner, community, business, government…, who has access to a river/stream with a height difference ≥1m;

energy An  energy provider, energy distributor, installation company…;

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